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Welcome to SubCon Industries

The Ideal Choice for Contract Assembly, Order Fulfillment, Polybagging, Shrink Wrapping, Cartoning, Repacking, Warehousing, and Distribution

We are an experienced provider of outsourcing solutions, based in Olean, New York. We offer contract assembly, third party order fulfillment, re-work, repair, and inspection. Our warehousing and distribution services offer customized, forward and reverse logistics service solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers.

Each project is different, and based on the exact specification requirements from our customers.

The industries we serve include: manufacturers/OEM’s, importers and exporters, 3PL’s, 3PSP, distribution centers, retailers, wholesalers, liquidators, e-commerce, government agencies, and more.

Some examples of the types of project we do or have done include: packaging, hand assembly, light assembly, re-work, disassembly, labeling and re-labeling, tagging, sorting, boxing/re-boxing, auditing, bagging, de-manufacturing, QC testing, pick/pack, order fulfillment, direct mailing, sample programs, kitting, product recalls, processing, POP displays, reverse logistics services, after market supply-chain services, asset recovery projects, recycling/reuse projects, e-scrap, triage, test, & bench top repair, product stewardship, sustainability programs, salvage work, returns processing, sort, report, and gate keeping and many more.  

The Question Isn't "Why?" It's "Why Not?"

When asking why SubCon is right for your outsourcing needs, we're confident that the more appropriate question will be "Why not SubCon?!" Here's why:

East Coast Locations are convenient for quick shipping . We are close to 55% of the total US population and 60% of Canada. This is Ideal for order fulfillment, added distribution location, or returns processing center. To better serve your accounts, we provide the on-demand, capacity and flexibility your operations need, when they need it.

Experience. We have been offering quick turnaround, and value-added services for over 45 years. 

Large Workforce. We employ 200 people with disabilities, who are versatile, and immediately ready to work on your project.

Ample Offsite Storage is available at very reasonable cost, for large, on-going  projects that require truckloads of finished goods storage.

Corporate Social Responsibility. Helping our workers with disabilities with job opportunities is a great social benefit, and “The Right Thing to Do.”